About Us

We are a small business, started by a couple of BBQ enthusiasts in early 2017. We lived in Kansas City for 2 years amongst some of the best BBQ joints in America. We developed a love for everything about American BBQ - the amazing flavours, the incredible restaurants (often in the least desirable parts of town) and particularly everything that goes into making your own BBQ at home.

When we returned to Australia in 2014, we were amazed at the growth in popularity in American BBQ. We were also quite shocked at the “Australia Tax” on smokers. You can buy a quality smoker in the US for $US299, yet here it is would be $A749. Even with the $A under 0.8000, many smokers on the market down under are overpriced in our opinion.

In the states, BBQ is accessible to everyone. You can buy an entry level smoker for about $US100, yet in Australia you’ll be lucky to get set up for under $A500 by the time you buy a smoker, charcoal, smoking chips and a thermometer. It will be $A1,000 if you want an expensive brand.

So, after some encouragement from friends, family and workmates who’d been enjoying our cooking for a few years, we took the plunge to set up an Australian American BBQ company.

Our objective is simple - we want to provide a quality and affordable entry point into low’n’slow cooking for Australians. Quite simply, we're bring American BBQ to Aussie backyards!