Thermopro TP-08 Digital Dual Probe Thermometer

• High quality, rugged digital wireless thermometer with dual probes. Monitors both food and smoker temperatures from up to 100 meters away


• No sync or complex setup required, large LCD displays food and smoker temperatures, timer and alarms. Doesn't drop out and require re-pairing like most bluetooth set-ups.


• Both min and max temperature alarms for smoker probe, letting you know if your ambient temperature is too high or too low. This is an awesome feature for low'n'slow BBQ!


• Box contains 1 meat probe and 1 ambient smoker probe with grill clip, batteries (4 x AAA), base unit and wireless unit.


• Ambient and meat probes are interchangeable, so can be used with two meat probes or one meat/one ambient probes.


• Instant read meat thermometer with food grade stainless steel probe and step-down tip design to get a fast and accurate temperature ; Probe wires are rated for 380 degrees celsius.


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